Tuesday, December 20, 2016

DIY It - Color Blocked Wood Christmas Card Holder

Surprisingly, although I never seem to have it together enough the make my own, one of my favorite traditions during the holiday season collecting Christmas cards from my family and friends. They usually end up haphazardly stuck to the fridge or leaning on the mantel. This year will be different though, because I created the cutest color blocked wood DIY Christmas card  holders to display all my cards as they come in.


Begin by taping off one corner of the wood blocks using the painter’s tape. Feel free to tape off other patterns, but I liked the color block effect.

Once your blocks are taped off, use your paint to paint the corners of each block. I used several different colors of pink, red, and blue. Let the paint dry and then remove the tape.

Now use your letter stickers to spell out any words you want on your blocks. I went with MERRY and BRIGHT. The length of your word will depend on how many holiday cards you need to display. If you want to stack your words like I did, just use a bit of hot glue to glue the blocks together. Otherwise you can spell out your word horizontally to fit in even more cards.

Next you will take the brass jewelry wire and pliers and create the photo holders by bending the wire into a paper clip shape with a long tail.

Finally, use a thumb tack to punch a little hole in the wood blocks and then insert your brass paper clip into the hole. Repeat with all your blocks and then you are ready for those holiday cards to start rolling in.

I love that these color blocked wood DIY Christmas card holders can be easily customized in your favorite holiday colors and sayings. How about shades of red and green that spell out Merry Christmas or red and white to spell out Happy Holidays. Whatever you choose, your holiday cards will no longer be relegated to a pile on the counter, you will now have a colorful and unique way to display them all season long.

I originally created this post for the Crafts Unleashed blog.

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