Monday, May 2, 2016

Make It - Abstract Art Donuts

Mother's day is this Sunday and for some reason, in my mind, Mother's day is synonymous with donuts. My family loooves to get donuts on birthdays and holidays. This year, why not celebrate mom by painting her a plate of these colorful, abstract art donuts?!

Aren't they beautiful? I'm sure any mom will love them! But these aren't just great for Mother's Day. They would be perfect at any party, brunch, or bridal shower. Just customize them to the color scheme of your party/event, and you'll have a dessert everyone will remember. And possibly get into fist-fights over when they run out:)

While slightly time-consuming, the process of making your own donuts is pretty simple. Follow along for the tutorial.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Style It - Mother's Day Brunch

After seeing amazing inspiration from several of my blogger friends (Sugar and Cloth and Pizzazerie) and after having so much fun styling my spring table, I wanted to try my hand at styling a Mother's Day brunch. I had so much fun deciding on a color theme and trying my hand at my first balloon arch. I can tell you for sure, that I am absolutely in love with the way this brunch table and bar cart turned out and can't wait to share all the details with you today. And you better believe this is all staying up until actual Mother's day when I will be celebrating for with my mom for reals.

Let me just start off by saying that I have found my new go to party decorating idea (thanks to the likes of The House that Lars Built and Sugar and Cloth). That balloon arch is such a show stopper and makes a huge visual impact. And bonus, it was less than $10. Seriously. I will never underestimate the power of balloons again!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Decorate It - Using Adhesive Vinyl on Tablecloths

I started setting up my Mother's Day brunch table by using my standard, go-to, white table cloth as my base. But as I layered on the plates, place-mats, and flatware, I realized that the plain white table cloth was a little too, well, plain white. That's where the magic of adhesive vinyl from Expressions Vinyl comes in. I used both their adhesive glitter coral and adhesive gold to create a unique temporary tablecloth design that helped tie the tablecloth into my brunch table setting as well as provide place cards for each guest. Then when the party was done, I could easily remove the vinyl and have my plain white table cloth back and ready to decorate for my next party!

Since I already had a lot going on on the table, I went with simple triangles for the tablecloth print. But think how easy it would be to switch out the design to suit your party theme. Graduation hats in the school colors for a graduation party? Or even Class of 2016? Or how about little dog bones for a kids Paw Patrol Party? Or palm leaves for a classy Palm Springs themed party? The possibilities really are endless, and since the vinyl is only temporarily stuck to the table cloth, you easily remove the designs after the party and it will be ready to use for your next party theme. Follow along as I show you how to use the adhesive vinyl to decorate your own tablecloth.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

DIY It - Felt Fringe Napkin Rings

This weekend I created the most amazing table setting for a Mother's day brunch filled with varying shades of pink, orange, and gold, which I will share with you on Thursday. As part of my table setting I wanted to try a little something new and fold my napkins extra special for Mom. I found this super cute tutorial on how to fold napkins into a bow and it was just perfect! But now I needed a napkin ring to hold pull it all together, so I fringed up a piece of felt and got to work. The result are these special napkin bows with gold and fringed felt rings. Just perfect for Mother's day brunch!

DIY Felt Fringe and Gold Napkin Rings with a Bow Folded Napkin - Dinner Party Idea - Brunch - Mother's Day - Coral and Orange Napkins

Are they not just the most adorable napkins you have ever seen? I mean seriously! Let me show you how to make these simple napkin rings, and then you can follow along with the tutorial to fold the napkin bow and use your ring to recreate this beauty.