Thursday, June 22, 2017

DIY It - Painted Palm Leaf Tile Fireplace Surround

We moved into our current house over three years ago, and from the moment we moved in I knew I wanted to replace the tile around the fireplace with the same herringbone marble tile we used on the kitchen backsplash. After about a year I finally got around to replacing the hearth, but the surround still remained with the tanish tile. Not that anything is wrong with the existing tile, but it was very builder grade and just not my style.

So, since three years have passed with me putting off actually doing the tile work, I figure I would put it off a bit longer and paint the existing tile for a quick refresh. With only about 15 sqft of tile to paint, this project was surprisingly quick. It took me about 2 hours from start to finish. And just look at this perfectly pretty summer fireplace I have now!

Not only is this palm leaf pattern perfect for summer, but because it only took 2 hours to paint, I can easily repaint it come fall with a different pattern!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

DIY It - A Simple Hanging Basket Planter

What can I say? I have become a full fledged plant lady. I have had my outdoor plants and garden for 6+ years now, but I seem to be amassing indoor plants like there is no tomorrow. Something about the pop of greenery brings so much life to our living spaces. Now, I will admit that while I do have quite a few real plants in my home, I am not above using faux greenery in spaces either. As long as you don't leave it to get dusty, faux greenery still brings in the fresh outdoor feeling without me having to worry about killing them all. 

And it's not just me, you all are loving my planter DIY's, so I figured I would bring you one more easy way to bring more plants inside. This colorful hanging basket planter is super simple to make and is such a fun pop of color! 

Isn't it just gorgeous?! Once I saw this large basket at Target I was sold, then just a few plants and a bit of painted chain and the planter was ready to hang. 

Monday, June 19, 2017

DIY It - Brushstroke Tumbler Glasses

I am pretty sure no one can have too many pieces of decorative glassware. While I am no where near the collector status of Elsie from A Beautiful Mess with her wall of rainbow glassware, I am getting closer with each DIY glass that I make! These brush stroke glasses are super simple, even for the artistic-less (that's a word, right?!) among you. And just look how pretty they end up!

Friday, June 16, 2017

Make It - A Mixed Media Plant Lady Journal

This post is sponsored by Deco Art. Thanks so much for supporting the brands that make my crafting possible! All ideas and opinions are my own. 

This month Deco Art challenged me to create a mixed media journal using a few of their mixed media products like fluid acrylics, misters, modeling paste, crackle paste, etc... to create a journal. I have to admit that I am unfamiliar in both of these places and although I craft and make things on a daily basis, paper crafting and mixed media are two things that just aren't my forte. But it's always good to venture outside of your comfort zone, and so I dived in not really knowing where I was going, and the outcome is even better than I could have hoped for!

In my mind mixed media is the combination of decoupage, stenciling, painting, texturizing, and layering of tons of different elements to create one piece of art. Since the over the top maximalism that accompanies traditional mixed media isn't my thing, I decided to take a more minimalist approach. The resulting 3D textured plant journal was not only simple to make with a few key DecoArt products, but I may actually start writing things down now!

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