Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Decorate It - Two Tassel Trees

Today I have two colorful and easy new twists on DIY ornaments. If I have learned anything over the years, pretty much anything goes when it comes to decorating a tree. Sure, I love the traditional (and my main tree is decorated this way), but that doesn't mean I have to be limited to ball ornaments and green trees. When shopping at At Home the other day I picked up a hot pink tree you saw yesterday, but I also picked up a light turquoise tree that is just the perfect size for my office. If you remember, my office is painted a pretty seafoam/turquoise color and I have an entire wall of inspirational and colorful art, and a regular old tree wouldn't work in here, but this little guy was just perfect. And regular old ornaments just wouldn't suffice, so I decided to deck the tree with colorful tassels. They work perfectly and go great with my inspirational art wall. For a little company I threw in a tiny gold tinsel tree with a few tissue paper tassels and viola, my office was decorated for the holidays.

The faux suede tassels were by far the easiest DIY ornaments ever. All you need is

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Craft It - Tissue Paper Fringe Ornaments

After yesterday's post about my DIY mud cloth ornaments, I figured I would continue on theme and make this whole week about DIY ornaments. Sure there are literally hundreds of thousands of different ornaments out there for you to just purchase, but for something completely unique, why not try your hand and making your own this year? Stay tuned all this week for several of my DIY ornament ideas. Today you will learn how to make your own colorful fringe ornaments.

I love the pink, mint, and gold combo on these ornaments. They scream party, and celebration, and fun! But feel free to swap the pink for red for a more traditional Christmas look.


Monday, November 23, 2015

Craft It - Mud Cloth Inspired Ornaments

Christmas is in full swing over here and casa de Kailo Chic and I have been creating so many fun new ornaments this year. Yes, I realize that Thanksgiving hasn't even happened yet, but once it does I get pretty busy with the whole making and selling my handbags and accessories that I always have to start a bit early with the Christmas decor. That being said, yesterday I created the cutest little mud cloth inspired ornaments for one of my many mini trees. After seeing these mud cloth pumpkins from Homey Oh My!, I just knew the technique would work perfectly for a set of ornaments. Thanks Amy for the inspiration!

The process is fairly simple and you only need to two things to make these fun DIY ornaments. Namely black matte ornaments and a white paint pen.

Friday, November 20, 2015

DIY It - Gold Edged Dinner Napkins

Last week when I brought out my plain black cloth napkins to display my tassel napkin ring project, I realized how boring they where. Yes, black is a neutral of sorts and can go with everything, but they were just so blah. You know I love pattern and color and texture, and the plain black napkins just weren't doing it for me. I looked online for better options, but came up with nada. So I decided to whip out the acrylic craft paint (that can also be used on fabric FYI) and got to work adding a little somethin', somethin' to my boring black napkins.

Surprisingly the project took very little time and only a bottle of Martha Stewart gold craft paint
and a small angled paint brush. Both of which I already had on hand but would set you back only about $8 if you need to buy them. I love the little bit of glitz the gold edges bring to the napkins and it definitely sets them apart from boring black.

To make your own, you will need