Thursday, March 23, 2017

DIY It - The Ultimate Craft and Snack Party

This post is sponsored by Harvest Snaps and their tasty snap pea crisps. Thank you for supporting the brands that I love and that help keep the crafty ideas coming. 

I have been wanting to host a craft party for my mom friends for quite a while, but trying to find a time that worked for everyone was such a hard task. But when Harvest Snaps reached out to me about throwing a party, I knew it was time to finally set a date and get my craft party on with my friends.

After a bit of planning I decided on a craft and snack party complete with DIY abstract art snack bowls that all my friends could paint and then fill with their favorite snack mix from my DIY snack mix bar. Perfect combo right? And best of all, I am going to share my tips and tricks with you for creating your own DIY snack bowls too!

First up I needed to set up for the party, so I went out and purchase several large white ceramic serving bowls for the snacks, some multi surface acrylic craft paint, some gold plastic serving spoons (I found mine on Amazon), and a ton of snack-able items like popcorn, banana and coconut chips, and of course several flavors of Harvest Snaps like their tomato basil lentil bean snaps and their caeser flavored pea snaps. 

For the serving bowls I used a few sizes of paint brushes and the multi surface acrylic paint to add swoops, brushstrokes, and polka dots to the bowls. To make your own start with a clean bowl and then paint any pattern you like. I recommend choosing 5-6 light colors plus a dark black and using those for all your bowls to get a cohesive look. Just layer on the large and small brush strokes, then add in a few dots and thin strokes, and finish off with a few clumps of mini black dots to recreate my look. Once you have your bowl painted just the way you like (mistakes can easily be removed with a wet paper towel), bake your bowls in a 300°F oven for 30 minutes to set the paint. You want to place your bowls in the cool oven, then turn it on and let them bake, then turn off the oven and let the bowls cool in the oven. Once cool your bowls are ready to use and wash like normal. 

To go along with my abstract art serving bowls, I created gradient serving spoons with just a bit of spray paint.To make your own cover the spoon portion with painter's tape or washi tape and spray stripes of paint down the handle. Once dry, coat the handle with a bit of clear spray shellac to seal in the paint. 

To complete my snack bar area, I filled my pre-painted bowls with my snack choices, added in a few vases of flowers, and of course a little fruit flavored water. Luckily enough I had the CRAFT sign from a previous project (just spray paint cardboard letters from the craft store and add a few gold paint splatters to make your own). It was perfect for this party, so up it went, along with a few gold triangle banners that I cut from paper and sewed together. Then my snack area was complete!

Before my guests arrived I also set up the crafting area with paint, paper plates (for them to use for their paint), paint brushes, and their little snack bowls all cleaned and ready to paint.

Finally it was time to get our craft and snack on! After everyone painted their bowls, we filled them with our own DIY snack mix and sat and talked. After the party I cleaned out the bowls by hand and then baked them so that the paint would set and plan on getting everyone's bowls to them later this week.

I am so glad that I finally planned this party! It was so much fun to be able to craft and chat with my friends and of course the tasty snacks didn't hurt!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

DIY It - Custom Colored Cake Stand

Another super simple Ikea hack coming at you today. After my recent trip to Ikea I loaded up on all the cute but plain pieces I could find with every intention of DIYing the crap out of them. This cake stand was only $7 and had so much potential, so of course it came home with me. All it took was a little spray paint and some shellac and now I have my own custom colored cake stand!

custom colored cake stands Ikea hack - easter desserts - wedding cake table idea - diy craft project - spray paint project
custom colored cake stands Ikea hack - easter desserts - wedding cake table idea - diy craft project - spray paint project
custom colored cake stands Ikea hack - easter desserts - wedding cake table idea - diy craft project - spray paint project
See how cute?!!!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Make It - Sprinkle Covered Animal Cookie Vases

Sometimes you just have to share the pinterest fails along with the pinterest wins. These iced circus animal cookie vases seemed like such a cute idea in my head, but didn't quite turn out how I envisioned. Sure, they are cute enough, but the painted "sprinkles" don't look quite as good as the real thing. But in an effort to share all the things I create, even if they don't hold up to my high standards, I give you iced animal cookie flower vases.

The Supplies:
  • Large plastic circus animal toys
  • Utility knife
  • Pink and white spray paint
  • Several colors of acrylic craft paint
  • Small paintbrush
Begin by spray painting your animals pink and white. Once dry cut a small rectangle into the backs of the animals. Then use your acrylic craft paint to paint "sprinkle" dots all over the animals.

Add a bit of water and some flowers or dirt and a few succulents and you have a cute little planter or vase for your desk, shelf, or even your kids room.

So, there you go. Cute little polka dotted vases. An ideas for more realistic looking sprinkles? Oh, and be sure to let me know how yours turn out will ya?

Friday, March 17, 2017

Weekend Crafting - 5 DIY's to Try

Sorry for the absence the last few days, I was off on a little mini vacation with my kids, my mom, and my sister's kids. It was an adventure to say the least! And while I had every intention of writing a few blog posts ahead of time for this week, I ran out of time this past weekend and didn't quite get it done. But if you have been following along on social media you may have seen several of the DIY's that I have done for a few of my friends blogs. I figured the least I could do for those of you who don't follow me there is to round them all up here to give you even more weekend crating motivation.

So, now that you have the inspiration, go out and craft the weekend away! I know I will be!

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