Friday, August 19, 2016

Decorate It - A Colorful Dessert Table

My birthday was last week, and I decided to fulfill my own birthday wishes by creating the ultimate colorful sweets table so my friends and family could celebrate along with me. I was sure to fill the table with all sorts of colorful treats and party decorations. Follow along for more details on how I styled this colorful geometric sweets table with help from Joann Fabric and Craft Stores.

Let's begin with the table itself and then work our way to the desserts. I began with a white backdrop and white table cloth (I used white home decor weight fabric for my table cloth. Just hem the ends and it's ready to use) so that my colors would really pop. On the wall behind my table I used pieces of colored foam that I made here. And at the base of the table I piled in balloons, paper lanterns, tissue paper poms, and honeycomb balls in my color palette of bright!

Now for the treats! To insure maximum sugar overload I made everything from cake decorated with fondant to sugar cookies decorated with food coloring markers (decorating their own sugar cookies would also be a fun party activity for all the guests).

In addition to the abstract art sugar cookies, I also made a few watercolor geometric shape cookies to match my sweet table backdrop. Just a few white iced sugar cookies and a few colors of spray food coloring is all it takes to create these amazing cookies! Just spray the food coloring on in small bursts in different spots.

I loved the way the cookies turned out so much that I also decided to spray a few white iced donuts. How fun?!

I used the same food coloring spray along with Wilton push pop molds to create a marbled frozen mousse pop. You can find the details for those here. In order to prop the pops up on the table I used more craft foam and covered it with colorful strips of adhesive vinyl. Then I just poked the pops into the foam for an easy display.

Once I had all my desserts in place on various cake stands and plates, I filled out the table with colorful plates, plastic ware, colorful cups, and even a mini candy station filled with sixlets in pink and orange to match my color theme.

I hope you love this colorful sweets table as much as I did! It was definitely the perfect birthday celebration for this color and sugar lover!

P.S. You can find the tutorial for the DIY cake stands I used on the sweet table here.

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  1. i'm loving this! such inspiration for my daughter's upcoming birthday!


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