Monday, April 25, 2016

Craft It - Mini Succulent Drink Stirrers

I recently was introduced to these magical little plants known as mini faux succulents. They are small, look like the real thing, and they are just perfect for crafting with. Now I have seen regular sized faux succulents before, but these little mini ones got my mind racing with possibilities. Today I wanted to share a super simple craft project (I almost feel bad calling it that since there is no real crafting involved) using these mini succulents. Drink stirrers!

Mini Succulent and Gold Drink Stirrers

Aren't they just adorable?! I really can't wait to use these at my next party. And wait until I show you how to make them, you will be blown away with the ease of this "craft".

The Supplies:
  • Mini Faux Succulents from the craft store (mine are by FloraCraft)
  • Gold paper straws
  • Scissors
Yep. That's it.

Simply cut off 2-3" from the straws to make them a bit shorter for cocktail glasses or leave them full size for regular pint glasses. Then simply slip the end of the faux succulent into the straws. 

Mini Succulent and Gold Drink Stirrers

Mini Succulent and Gold Drink Stirrers

Seriously, that was all I did to create these gorgeous stirrers.

Mini Succulent and Gold Drink Stirrers

Now of course the paper straws are one time use only. So when the party is done, simply remove the succulent from the straw and toss the straw. Then insert the succulent into a new straw for the next party. Done and done.

Mini Succulent and Gold Drink Stirrers

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  1. These are fabulous! Love the creative use of the gold straws.


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