Friday, September 11, 2015

Style It - Adding Fall Decor to the Living Room

I realize that I have had Halloween on the brain lately (and there is plenty more of that to come), but before Halloween comes fall. Technically it is still summer and here in central Texas it sure doesn't feel like fall yet, but I figured I would go ahead and rearrange my living room decor to add a touch of fall to the space. You know, so that I am ahead of the game when the weather finally decides to cool down.

All it really took was adding some pumpkins, a splash of orange and brown/wood, and dark muted blues. Surprisingly the only things I purchased for this fall makeover where the pumpkins.

For the side chair I simply replaced the light blue pillow with this brown leaf print pillow that I have had for close to 10 years! I found it in my guest room closet (where I tend to store my extra decor items) and thought it exuded the fall vibe.

A simple swap of the couch pillows was also in order. I ended up using these teal pillows I had and moved these gray and white Ikea branch pillows from the daybed to the couch for more of a fall look. The coffee table tray was swapped out for this wood herringbone cutting board with some fall/Halloween cooking and decor magazines, my orange-y coral ceramic coasters, a ceramic pumpkin dish (from Home Goods) filled with
fall colored candy, and a real pumpkin from the grocery store. I love how well the blue pairs with the splashes of orange. They are complimentary colors after all!

The mantel is probably the easiest and most common place to switch out decor seasonally. Here I used some pieces from around the house along with a few pumpkins (the real ones are from the grocery store, the chevron one is from the Target dollar spot).

This bark wrapped candle from Joann fabrics, owl vase from Ross, and faux pumpkin from target all bring a fall vibe to the mantel. I added my little gold dino just because and some peacock feathers for height.

In the center of the mantel are two family photos (one of which is the kids playing in fallen leaves from a few years back), some cut wood logs in a bowl, and one of those pumpkins I mentioned.

On the right side of the mantel I have my white ceramic stag (purchased at Target a few years ago), yarn pom poms glued to branches (DIY project), a gold candle, and more pumpkins.

I also have these two Home Goods baskets filled with the kids toys. It makes cleaning time a breeze and they can go with both summer and fall decor. The wavy white mirror is another Home Goods find. Can you tell I love that place?!

Above the TV is this gilded branch canvas that I picked up at Hobby Lobby. This canvas is actually always in this spot, but it is funny how well it lends itself to the fall decor. 

Next to the TV I have a little leaf dish with some nuts, leaves, and pine cone potpourri and other brown/gold decor items. Last but not least is this fun dark blue basket with tan leather straps that I use to hold my throw blankets. You know, for whenever it finally gets cold and I need a blanket to keep me warm.

That completes the fall makeover of my living room. Like I mentioned above, all it took was pulling out some new throw pillows, some brown/wood decor pieces, and adding a few pumpkins to get a nice cozy fall vibe in here. This is actually the first time I have decorated for fall, but I think I like it. Next up, the kitchen!

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