Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Craft It - A Macaroon Ring

It seems like everyone loves macarons these days. And with the different colors and flavors, they are definitely starting to take on the cupcake craze. My sister is a mac lover, so I thought she would get a kick out of this little macaron ring I made for her. Why don't you whip one up for a mac lover in your life.

To make your own macaron ring, you will need some oven bake polymer clay in two colors (one for the cookie part and one for the filling), a blank ring base with glue pad, and some Aleene's jewelry and metal glue. First you will take two small balls of the "cookie" colored clay and one small ball of the "filling" colored clay and make some small flattened discs.

Then, using a small pin or toothpick make little puncture and line marks in the lower half of the disc like so.

Once you are finished with one of the cookies, it will look a little something like this.


Do the same thing with the other ball of cookie, and then sandwich the filling in between the two cookies.


Now bake your ring according to your clay package direction. I baked mine for 15 minutes at 275F. Once hard and cooled, you will use your glue to attach your macaron to your ring.

Let the glue dry and then it is ready to give away or keep for your self. They are so simple to make, that you can easily make one in every "flavor/color" combo. Such and fun and simple gift.

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