Monday, June 26, 2017

Make It - Galaxy Color Blocked Marble Coasters

Remember a month or so ago when I shared how to make your own color blocked galaxy mirrors? Well, shortly after I made those, I whipped out a few extra 4" marble tiles I had laying around and made the prettiest galaxy coasters ever! I seriously need to watch myself or I may end up with whole house filled with interstellar swirl prints!

But lucky for you, these coasters are super simple to make and make, so if you are as obsessed with them as me, you can easily make yourself a set in just one afternoon of crafting.

The Supplies:

This is normally where I share all the how-to photos, but sadly I can't seem to find the photos of took of the process. So, instead I will show you photos from when I made the mirrors because the process is pretty much the same, just on the marble instead. 

Once you have all your supplies and your gloves are on (the alcohol inks will stain your hands for a few weeks if you don't use them!), use the tape to tape off the part of the marble coaster that you don't want painted and make sure the tape is very well adhered. You will also want to work on a protected surface. I covered my table with plastic wrap to protect it from getting even more paints splatters on it! Ha!

Next, drip on your colors in bands onto the exposed part of the coaster. Make sure not to add too much of the alcohol inks, only a few drops should do.

Next tip the coaster to let the excess ink drain off onto your protected surface or onto a crumpled up paper towel.

Once drained you will get this swirly gradient look on your coasters. The last step is to add a few flecks of gold by shaking your paint pen over the coasters in a downward flicking motion.

Once you have added the flecks, gently peel off the tape and let the ink absorb into the coaster. The last step is to trace the tile on your cork contact paper and adhere the cork to the underside of the tile to create your coaster. 

Marble is so absorbent that you don't have to even seal the ink on, but if you are still worried you can give the coasters a coat of spray varnish to seal them. 

In the coaster above you can see a line down one side. This was one where the ink bled under the tape, so I went ahead and made the whole think galaxy. So, make sure your tape is well adhered and you don't use too much ink to prevent bleeding. 

But overall it was such a fun project and I love the combo of the marble on one side and the bright intergalactic swirls on the other. 

Have you played with alcohol inks before? I have only just dabbled in them and while they are messy, the results are kinda worth it!


  1. Alcohol inks are so much fun and perfect for a galaxy project! I agree that they can be messy, but I don't know of anything else that achieves similar results.

  2. I can't wait to try this! I've always wanted to buy alcohol inks, but this coaster project is just what our table needs! Thank you.

  3. These coasters are so pretty. I have never worked with alcohol inks before, but this makes me want to try for sure.

  4. I had a friend that made me some coasters with alcohol inks and it peeled off after moisture got on the surface (because of drinks being placed on them).

    1. The alcohol inks actually absorb into the marble and don't wash off even with soap and water. The coasters that your friend made were likely polished ceramic, so the alcohol ink wasn't able to absorb into it.

  5. I LOVED the look of yours and tried it myself, but did not have the same results. The alcohol ink absorbed almost immediately into the marble coaster. I had to use a TON of the ink just to get it covered in color (since it would absorb too quickly to spread around...just a few streaks), and the coloring is much darker than in your example. It still looks kind of cool, but definitely not what I was going for.


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