Monday, January 9, 2017

DIY It - Brass Macrame Hoop Wall Art

 I was finally able to get a few new crafts started this weekend, am I am excited to share a few of them with you all this week. But first, I totally forgot to share this simple brass macrame hoop wall art I made for Consumer Crafts last August. This project is another one of those low cost/big impact projects. All you need are brass macrame hoops in various sizes, brass wire, and pliers. Nothing too complex but when combined, they create this amazing large scale DIY abstract wall art. Just a few repeating circles in various sizes is all it takes to create this large scale piece of art.

My favorite part of this piece of art is the scale of it. I love that you can easily add more or less hoops to create a piece that is just perfect for your space. And, how fun would it be to cover an entire wall with it?!


Begin by laying out your rings on the floor in the pattern that you like. You want to use various sizes so that you can fit them all together like a puzzle. This part is pretty much anything goes. Make a pattern that appeals to you and is the size that you want.

Once you have all your pieces laid out, begin to attach the hoops to each other using your brass wire. You will need about 5 inches of wire for each attachment point. Just use your pliers to wrap the wire tightly around the two hoops where they meet.

DIY Abstract Fall Wall Art
Continue to wrap the wire around the attachment points on all your hoops until all the hoops are attached to each other in one big piece.

That's it! Your DIY abstract wall art piece is ready to hang! You can hang the hoop art on the wall using thumb tacks or monkey hooks. This piece can be hung vertical or horizontal, over a dresser or console table, or even over the mantel. Who knew such a simple technique could be so fun?

Oh, and if you that pom pom pillow, you can find the tutorial for it here!


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous and so darn creative! I want one in my home!

  2. Beautiful idea!!!
    I love it
    Kity from

  3. What size hoops did you use? I love the size of this while staying so sumple!

    1. I used a combo of 4", 6", 8", 10", and 12" hoops.


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