Friday, March 30, 2012

Madeline and the Missing Nap

Well, I missed blogging during the day today because it was one hectic day. Madeline has only had about three naps since the DST change. And while she goes to bed earlier ( around 7) on days when she does not have a nap, boy is she fussy during the afternoon. It is pretty much all Brandon and I can do not to pull our hair out at her whining and fussing. Seriously we have a major drama queen on our hands. But the alternative of an afternoon nap leaves her not going to bed until 10pm, and I need some time in the evenings to work and get things done and ready for the next day. What is a momma to do?

But of course now that I am laying in bed trying to doze off, I miss my little punkin. Here are a few cute pictures of her and Brandon from the last couple days.

Here is to hoping she is in a better mood tomorrow because we are hosting a mommy group at our house complete with an Easter egg hunt in the garden. Pictures of that are sure to come!

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  1. So glad it's not just us that suffer thru this change...hope by now she is sorted out. (its nap time here...thats why I get to wander online and post!)