Monday, September 13, 2010

New Items on Etsy

Just a heads up to you all, I just added some new items to my etsy shop. The new items include a brand new large tote bag and baby girl skirts! Check them out...

Hopefully I will soon have some more tote bags up for sale. I am also getting a little baby dress form soon so that I can finally list some of the cute baby bodysuit designs for sale.

Friday, September 3, 2010

A Little Vacation

Well, I just got back from a little family vacation in Dallas. I had a great time despite the fact that Madeline freaked out a little on the car ride and during the night when she realized we were sleeping in the same room as her.

My sister got us rooms at the Four Seasons Hotel in Dallas and my entire family (including my sister, nephew, and mom) traveled up there for a few nights stay. We hung out by the pool, played ping pong, at room service, and went to the Dallas Zoo.

It was a great way to test drive to see how traveling would be with a baby. Because we had three rooms, we were able to put one kid to sleep in each room and then use the third room (my moms) to hang out in and play board games and our wii until we were ready to call it a night. It worked out pretty well too, until Madeline woke up a 4 in the morning a realized that we were sleeping in the bed next to her (she was in a crib next to the bed). Then she proceeded to cry and scream for the next two hours (well one hour on the first night, and two on the second night). Luckily my mom and sister were there so they ended up watching her a little bit so Brandon and I could catch up on the sleep we missed during the night. By the third and last night she was a pro and slept the whole night. So that is promising for future trips.

The best part about the time up there besides all the family time was that I didn't have to work! I really neeeded a little break from all the sewing I have been doing the past several months. Now that I am back I am going to try to attack my sewing load full force and get everything done for ACL. Then once ACL is over, it will by time to start preparing for Madelines first birthday! I can't believe it! And I can't wait!