Friday, March 3, 2017

Make It - A Paper Succulent Wall

It seems that every year about this time I am pretty much done with winter and longing for the warmth, fresh greenery, and flowers that come along with spring. So, since the weather isn't cooperating with me yet, I figured I would craft a little greenery to brighten up my space until spring comes. This paper succulent wall is such a fun alternative to those paper flower walls you see all over Pinterest. It's time to give oversized paper succulents a little love.


To begin you will need several shades of green cardstock, a hot glue gun, glue sticks, and scissors.

Begin by either printing out a template for felt succulents, or just free hand cut the paper to create various succulent shapes. I wanted these succulents to be large, so I used 4-5 pieces of 12" by 12" cardstock for each succulent.

For the first succulent I simply cut wavy strips of paper and glued them together to create a grass like effect.

Next I cut simple leaf shapes in several sizes and glued them together from largest to smallest to create a pointed looking succulent.

One of the most time consuming but realistic looking paper succulents was made by cutting several dozen way shaped petals and gluing them tightly together.

Once you have created 20 or so succulents, use double sided mounting tape to hang your succulent arrangement up on your wall.

Now that's a "living" succulent wall I can actually keep alive! Ha!

This post was sponsored and originally appeared on The Creative Spark by Joann Fabric and Craft Stores.

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