Monday, December 7, 2015

Style It - Ornaments Off Your Tree

On Friday I talked about how I used ornaments to decorate my plain black fireplace and that got me thinking about all the other ways that I have used ornaments to decorate for the holidays that don't include a tree. I love the look of traditional ornaments and all the colors, sizes, and finishes (glittered, matte, shiny) that they are available in and seem to use them more places than just the tree. I want to share the few ways that I have used ornaments to decorate my house for Christmas and maybe inspire you to create a new use for them as well. First up is my ornament filled orb.

I picked up this awesome decorative orb and Home Goods a while back and have it permanently displayed in my built-in bookshelves. But seeing as how I like to switch up the decor on the shelves every holiday, I have had to get creative when helping this orb fit into the holiday theme. For Halloween I strung up a bat inside the orb, and now for Christmas, I used large shatterproof ornaments in gold, red, and turquoise to fill the bottom portion of the orb. I had to stack the ornaments just right so that the wouldn't fall through the holes, but I love the look these ornaments lend the orb. Very festive!

Next, you can't go wrong with the simplicity of just
filling a bowl with ornaments. This emerald bowl that I picked up at Marshall's looks mighty Christmas-y when overflowing with ornaments in red and green. And helps up the holiday cheer in my kitchen.

Don't have a bowl that you like or want to fill with ornaments? How about using a glass cookie jar instead. I used a ton of small ornaments in pink, red, and blue to fill one of my unused cookie jars.

What's great about using ornaments in your decor is that the ornaments speak for themselves, so you don't really have to get complicated with the presentation. Filling a vase or bowl is as difficult as it needs to be to create a holiday centerpiece or visual interest to your holiday home.


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