Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Home Tour Tuesday - Madeline's Bedroom

Today for Home Tour Tuesday it is all about Madeline's bedroom. This room was pink when we moved in and Madeline immediately claimed it as hers. Despite it being the smaller room, she just knew that this room was meant for her because of the pink walls and butterfly fan. I slowly encouraged her to let me paint one wall white to make into a feature wall because I just couldn't handle all that bubble gum pink! I love pink and all, but it was just too much in the space. Selfish I know, but I made that wall into something fun that she loves and it helps break up the sea of pink that was once there. And I should also mention that she is VERY opinionated about the design of her room, so she has had quite a bit of the say so in decorating her space (like the cherry blossom wall decal, her glitter pink chevron dresser, and her art station), so it was like working with my first client and having to take their opinions into consideration when decorating this space.

This wall is to the left of the door to her room and houses her polka dot gallery wall and her day bed. The bed is one from Ikea which I spray painted gold, and the bedding is from Target. More details about the gallery wall can be seen in this post. But here are a few closeups of the art.

Up in the corners of her room I have many colorful tissue pom poms in shades of red, orange, coral, and pink. I made these using the tutorial here.

On the wall to the right of her bed is her art station. This girl loves to craft and make art like her momma, so when we moved in I set up her own craft/art space. Trust me when I say that it is never this clean. She is a 5 year old after all. We just picked up and organized her whole room before school starts next week so I figured today would be the best time to take photos for the home tour.

I purchased her pink and white desk from Ikea and used the metal rail and pink plastic containers from Ikea to hold all her markers, crayons, colored pencils, scissors, glue, etc. Above her desk I hung two large cork boards from Hobby Lobby so that she could display all her art work. Her desk cabinet is filled with mason jars full of fun craft supplies like colored popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, pompoms, foam stickers, washi tape, beads, and other random craft items. And the drawers on the left are filled with paper of all kinds and activity books while the drawers on the left are filled with extra artwork.

On the left side of her bed are two poufs that I purchased at Target as well as her window, ombre perler bead jewelry hooks (find the how to here), and her dresser.

The last two elements of her room are her fan (which was in the room when we moved in but I have seen at Lowe's), and her rug which I found for around $60 at T.J.Maxx. 

That is all for her bedroom. If you are interested in to see more of her portion of the Jack and Jill Bathroom which you can see a peek of in one of the photos above, just check here. And as far as toys go, we have a whole playroom for those which is nice because it means this space is less cluttered with stuff. I love that her room is pretty yet an expression of her. And it is fun to be able to use pink to decorate with since I don't have much in the rest of the house!

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