Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Home Tour Tuesday - The Dress Up Closet

I knew immediately once we got this house that I was going to turn the space under the stairs into a fun play area for the kids. Luckily we didn't need the space for storage. I had grand visions of a fun filled space that the kids could call their own. But my daughter had plans (and ideas of how it should be decorated) of her own. This space soon became a half art area/half dress up space.

In the back of the closet I put up a tension rod to hang all of the dress up clothes. Most of which were purchased from Goodwill around Halloween or made by me.

Next to the tension rod is a little white wood cube shelf that I got from my SIL. I used it to hold all the dress up accessories such as hats, shoes, fake hair, tiara's, etc....

A recent addition to the space was a mirror. My daughter requested one so that she could see how she looked while playing dress up. I just used the mirror that used to be in the powder room. Yay for reusing! We added a few pink hearts at the request of my daughter (a future decorator I am sure!).

Working our way closer to the door of the closet I have two bulletin boards for the kids artwork to be displayed, a little table with a treasure chest of chalk, and a chalkboard wall. I used some light blue paint and some unsanded grout to make my own colored chalkboard paint and painted one of the walls.

That is all for this space for now. And despite how picked up it looks now, there are usually clothes all over the ground. I am sure that this room will grow and change with the kids, but I like that they have a little private hangout downstairs. I would have loved this space as a kid!

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