Friday, April 24, 2015

Tissue Paper Pencil Holder...

Say that title three times fast! The moment I saw this unglazed ceramic vase in Target's new Handmade Modern aisle, I knew it was just begging for a fun design and to be turned into a pen and pencil cup for my desk.

To make this triangle pencil cup, I used decoupage medium, a couple tiny pieces of tissue paper cut into triangles, a sponge/paint brush, and an 18Kt Gold leafing pen.

First thing I did was attach the tissue paper to the vase. I coated the back of the tissue with decoupage medium (using the paint brush) and then adhered them to the vase in the position I wanted. I went simple with three triangles, but you could easily cover the entire vase with triangles if you wanted.

Next, I used the gold leafing pen to trace the outline of the triangles across the top. I also gold leafed the top rim for a little extra pop of gold. After that was complete, I used the sponge to cover the entire exterior of the vase with the decoupage medium. Then, let it dry for a bit. Now I have a super cute place to store my pens and pencils at my desk.

Have any other ideas for how I could have decorated this vase? I was thinking a color blocked paint job might look cute too!

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