Sunday, April 19, 2015

Parker's Bathroom Styling

This weekend, I had to tend to a sick little boy, so not much on my to do list got accomplished. I was however able to break away during a few of his naps to put up two new shelves in his bathroom and add some décor items. He's doing much better now, so I snapped a few pictures to show you his portion of the Jack and Jill bath.

When we moved in last March, his bathroom was painted a sage green and had a white medicine cabinet on the wall. Here's a photo I found from the house listing:

The first thing I did was remove the standard wall mirror and replace it with one I found at Hobby Lobby for $35! Then, I switched out the light fixture with one from Lowes, and painted the walls Gossamer Sky by Valspar. Due to it's dirtiness, lack of cuteness, and bulk, the medicine cabinet was removed.
This weekend, I added two picture rail shelves from Ikea I had from the Master Bedroom in our old house. This creates a nice little place to store things and/or décor items.
The bottom shelf has an adorable little mail box I purchased a few years ago in the Target Dollar Spot that houses his toothbrushes and toothpaste, a pair of sweet blue kids shades, and a cute instagram mashup of Parker eating his first lemon.  The colors in the photo went well with the others in his bathroom and lemon-face always makes me laugh.
I don't have a super-quality shot of the top shelf, but it holds another green faux grass from Ikea, a blue spray painted plastic dinosaur, a small framed picture of a baby Parker with his sister, and a small piece of abstract art I painted.
The wall next to the vanity holds two Ikea Ribba frames I spray painted a light blue. One houses another abstract piece of art with colors coordinating with his bathroom, and the other, an Instagram of Parker and Madeline posing with a life-size dinosaur from a dino-park we visited last year. This ties into the plastic dino toys I have in the room. I matted the photo with striped navy and white wrapping paper from HomeGoods.

You might have noticed that the vanity cabinets are now gray (as opposed to the white that they were when we moved in). That happened because the plastic on the thermofoil cabinets broke off when I was opening them shortly after moving. I went ahead and ripped the rest off the MDF doors, and  painted them gray with semigloss paint I had leftover from our kitchen cabinets. I want to eventually replace the vanity with something a little more modern, but for now, the gray looks nice and gives the bathroom a custom touch.
Future plans for the bathroom are to replace the countertops with either a marble or marble-like quartz, a new sink, and possibly an accent tile on the back wall behind the mirror and light fixture. But for now, here is the before and after of this little bathroom.

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