Monday, April 6, 2015

Easy Easter Egg Art

If you are a parent like me (or even an aunt or uncle), you probably have some spare plastic Easter eggs laying around after the holiday. I know I sure do! A few years ago I turned the leftover Easter eggs into popsicles for my daughter and her friends. But this year, I wanted to try to find something new to do with all those plastic eggs. Enter my husband and his creative brain. "Why don't you make a piece of wall art with them?" he said. Aha! Inspiration struck and off I went. Here is what I ended up coming up with. 


I used the bottoms of several eggs (they are large ones that I got in the Target Easter section for $2 for a bag of 6) and a square white Ribba shadowbox frame from Ikea that I had from our last trip there that was just laying empty waiting to be filled. Put two and two together and I got this super adorable Easter egg art piece that is going to go up in my sons room. The two other Ribba frames are filled with prints from Papersource's adorable wrapping paper line. I love how this piece turned out, and the eggs fit perfectly inside, so there was no need to glue them in, which means if/when I get tired of it, it will be easy to pull those egg bottoms (ha!) on out and use the frame for something else.
I have one other idea for a piece of egg art that I hope to get finished with by tomorrow, so stop by then for another eggspirational idea!


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