Sunday, April 5, 2015

A Texas Wildflower Easter Dinner

I am fresh from having cleaned up from Easter dinner that I hosted at my house this year. Well not so much fresh as tired, but I wanted to share the photos of my table scape and food before Easter was officially over. I was able to pull of my idea of an Italian meets central Texas wildflower Easter dinner.

I had planned on purchasing some flowers at the local grocery store, but they are just so expensive, and to get as many flowers as I was wanting to use, it would have been at least $50 worth of flowers. So instead, since it is spring time in central Texas and wildflowers are in abundance, I figured I would round up the kids and go wildflower scouting instead. We ended up getting a pretty good haul and quite a bit of variety. I then arranged them into a smattering of different glasses that I have and placed everywhere I could find a space on the table.

I also pulled those two bunny planters that I bought at Target and mentioned in my post yesterday. And added a few wildflowers to the grass. I love how springy and fresh they look!

For the rest of the space, I used plain white plates, these adorable Black and white striped plates that I got at Ikea for under the salads, rough cut fabric napkins (using could9 studio fabric I got from Joann fabrics), some Ikea water bottles for everyone to self serve themselves, and my DIY gold rimmed water glasses with which to fill with said water. The DIY gold rimmed glasses will need to be covered in another post hopefully soon as I have 4 more glasses that I bought that still need the gold rimmed treatment. But lets just say it is super inexpensive (especially if you already have the glasses) and quite a quick process. But moving on, here are a few table scape photos:

Lets not forget the kids table! Since we had so many adults and no extra chairs, I used two lack side tables and some poufs to create a little kids area. They loved having their own space.
As for the food and beverages, as the title to the post suggests, I went with an Italian theme. This was due to the fact that I was hosting 14 adults and 6 kids and wanted to make something that I could prepare in advance and that would easily serve a crowd. To me, that meant lasagna. I made them up last night and just had to pop them in the oven to cook today. Which made things super easy on me! I made two different lasagnas. One was a white lasagna with b├ęchamel, grilled chicken, spinach, artichokes, and sundried tomatoes, and the other was more traditional Bolognese with zucchini and sweet potatoes.

 To round out the dinner, I made a tricolor melon plate and caprese salad with sunflower sprouts and black olives as an antipasto, and Caesar salad and a kale, spinach, and brussel sprouts salad with balsamic vinaigrette, a blood orange and mint salad, and French bread for dinner sides. Not to brag, but I was hungry by the time the food was ready and I think it tasted quite good!

I almost forgot dessert! I made both a strawberry rhubarb pie and tiramisu. Both were well received and all the guests had a hard time choosing which one to get, so they all just got a piece of each. I was able to remember to take a picture of the pie, but completely forgot to get one of the tiramisu before we devoured it. Oops!
For drinks aside from water, I set up an Italian soda and wine station. I also added some vodka to make the Italian sodas more fun for the adults. I purchased several different Italian sodas (blood orange, grapefruit, and my personal favorite lemon, lavender, and lemongrass). Here is a photo of the drink station with the Happy Easter signs from my last post repurposed.
Well that is all I got. I had a great time, the food was easy since I was able to prepare it in advance, and overall I am completely it love with the way the table scape turned out with all the wildflowers adorning the surface.
What did you do for Easter dinner? Any traditions?



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  1. And it was all delicious and perfect as described!


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