Friday, November 15, 2013

Brown bear, Brown bear...

The princess party was a success! Now I will try to find time to edit the photos my sister in law and I took so that I can share all the other fun decorations and food I made for the party. But in the meantime, I will share a quick pic of the cute breakfast I made for Madeline this morning.

We recently found out Madeline was having an intolerance to the almond milk she was drinking every morning. After cutting that out of her diet, she has been super hungry in the morning (not having her milk to fill her tummy just as she gets up). She has also been requesting cute food to eat. Yesterday I made banana slices into a flower with cinnamon and sprinkles (which I forgot to snap a picture of), and today I made this cute little brown bear. It is just a piece of Nutella toast, a couple slices of banana, and a couple chocolate chips (with a few gold sprinkles of course). How cute is that?!

Do you have any ideas for cute breakfast foods? I need to go troll Pinterest for some inspiration.

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