Sunday, September 22, 2013

Laundry Room Reveal

I promised you a post about my little laundry room makeover and here it is. I know that I took a before phot of the space, but honestly I was just too lazy to go wading through the photos on all my memory cards to find it. But let's just say it looked a little something like this:

After a $90 cabinet from Home Depot (realizing only recently that I should have looked at the habitant restore fit a cheaper option), two floating white shelves, and some paint and accessories (baskets from home goods, makeshift drying hooks from ikea, art by me), this is now what my laundry room looks like.

Now I just have to fugue out what to do to the floor. It is currently an ugly stained cream linoleum mess. But maybe peel and stick tiles or wood laminate to match the attached hallway flooring? We shall see.

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