Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Garden update 4/10/12

I figured that it was once again time for an update on my garden. The temps here are getting warmer and everything is growing great, but the caterpillars are out in full force. They have been chomping on everything from my broccoli to my summer mesclun to my potato plants. So today I purchased some organic caterpillar bait that my friend told me about. The active ingredient is bacillus thuringiensis and it helps kill the bad caterpillars that keep eating my veggies. So yea for that!

In other news my potato plants are growing good and I just covered all the new plant growth with some pine straw so the potatoes have space to grow. I may not get big potatoes before the heat sets in, but small potatoes are fine by me. Next year I will be sure to plant them earlier so I can get a larger harvest.

My tomatoes and blackberry bush are doing well and it looks like I may get a large harvest of both. Just one of my cherry tomato (sweet 100) plants already has over 100 little tomatoes on it. Not sure why that one is g so crazy, but I did plant some borage and horehound next to it, so maybe that is it.

My sweet potato slips are in the ground and thriving. I think I ended up with around 25 slips from two sweet potatoes. I planted 17 and gave the rest away.

I can't think of much else to report on the garden front. I am done with my planting, I now just have to water, fertilize, and keep those bugs in check and I will hopefully be reporting some more on new discoveries as I continue. In the meantime, here are a few photos of my garden and some from the garden at the Natural Gardener.

Large Lettuce Leaves at the Natural Gardener

Natural Gardener's Herb Garden

Blurry iPhone photo of my cherry tomatoes

Rainbow Chard at the Natural Gardener

One of my Broccoli Plants

Pretty little Purslane - Moss Rose - I bought some today for my garden

My Container Strawberries

My wild growing tomatoes

Large Kale from my Garden

Artichokes at the Natural Gardener

My Blackberry Bush (Brazos Variety)

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  1. Wonderful garden! I just can't stop staring at it! It's really wonderful to watch how your garden grows and then ends his frivolous life in the winter...


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