Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Novel Idea - Tea Cup Cakes

My sister has been having quite a few cake tastings with her new bakery (The French Brownie), and came up with a great idea for serving individual cakes. She has used small teacups to serve the cake. These partial ones are very wedding themed with small pearl-like accents, but imagine floral type ones or other themes all gathered together on a tiered stand. They would be adorable for an Alice in Wonderland themed tea party, sunday brunch, or even at a wedding in place of the cake. Maybe at a wedding you could have a regular top tier and little teacups cascading down the risers below. Super cute!

Will tea cup cakes be the next cupcake or cake ball? What do you guys think?

The floral teacup cakes are by bakery Hello Sugar! At website hellosugar.se, the white wedding teacup cakes are by Karina Akhavan of The French Brownie in Austin, Texas.


  1. Such an adorable idea! What does she bake the cake in ... cupcake pans?

  2. I think she just used regular circle cake pans and cut the cake layers to fit the cups, but a cupcake pan with out wrappers would definitely work too.


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