Thursday, February 23, 2012

Garden Prep, Day 2

This morning my 8 yards of prime organic garden soil and compost was delivered and dumped in the front of our house, just waiting to be hauled to the backyard and placed in the planting beds I made yesterday. Lucky for me my husband and sister were there to help with the shoveling a hauling.

It took about 5 hours to haul it all back and distribute it around the yard, but now my beds are ready for spring plantings. March 15th is the last average frost date here in central Texas, so I only have a few more weeks until I can start my plantings. I all ready have several tomatoes ready in pots just waiting to be planted. I am so excited to begin my summer garden!

While all the dirt shoveling, hauling, and moving was going on, Madeline and her cousin Kingston were busy having a heyday outside. They did considerably well playing together for five hours. Two of the best parts of the day were coming home from picking up lunch to find them "swimming" in their own individual "pools" (otherwise known as my plastic garden tubs), and them running out to the front of the house naked and peeing on the driveway simultaneously just as our new neighbor had come over to say hello for the first time. What says "welcome to the neighborhood" more than two toddlers peeing naked in the driveway? But she was pregnant, so she will soon realize that motherhood is full of dealing with bodily fluids.

Anyway, below are a few of the fun moments we had outside along with a photo of the beautiful sunset tonight. I hope you all had a wonderful day today as well.

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  1. what a sweet story to end my happy and proud of you ;-)
    your friend, Mae-Mae


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