Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Items in the Etsy Shop

I have finally gotten around to taking a few new pictures of some bags for my etsy shop. Check out my new Zippered Bangle Wristlet as well as some new sunglass cases. What do you think?

Gray and White Peacock Feather Bangle Wristlet

Turquoise Peacock Feather Glasses Case

Cherry Red Polka Dot Bangle Wristlet

Multi Colored Polka Dot Glasses Case

Monday, July 19, 2010

Just like daddy...

And so the obsession with Transformers begins...

It looks like she loves Transformers just as much as Brandon does :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

2 weeks ago

Wow! So I was trying to blog frequently, but all of a sudden two weeks has gone by without a post. I am so very sorry! Let me give you a little recap so that you don't feel totally left out of the loop :)

First, my sister had a little 4th of July party at her place that we went to. Aside from my nephew Kingston, there were two other babies there. I thought it would be a good chance to have Madeline socialize with other babies, but boy was I wrong. When we got to my sisters place, the other little baby girl (10 months old) was playing on the floor with some toys, so I put Madeline down to play with her. Well, as soon as I put her down, the other baby grunted and tried to touch Madeline. This resulted in Madeline crying hysterically like she had just gotten the crap scared out of her. Poor baby! So, I tried to calm her down. As soon as she was better, I brought her back towards the other baby again, and as soon as the other baby made some noise, Madeline broke down again! This continued for the rest of the evening. So much for socializing!

A few days later we set up a little pool in our backyard to play in, and we discovered that Madeline has cold hives just like her grandma. The water was cold and Madeline fussed a little as I put her in the water, but I didn't realize that it was because she was breaking out in hives all over her tummy until I pulled her out of the water. So lets see, Madeline now has cold hives, eczema, and a strange heat rash that she gets when she is outside. Poor baby has got the most sensitive skin. I hope she will outgrow it, but it is doubtful.

Finally the last several days my best friend Adryan and her 5 month old girl Rowan came to visit for their first out of town, overnight trip. She was here all last weekend and left to go back to Houston yesterday. It was so much fun to hangout for that many days. Now we didn't get that much stuff accomplished while she was here, because two babies on different schedules equals craziness, but it was nice to be able to talk to another new mom about all the stuff you both are going through while adjusting to life with a baby. It was also good to have Madeline around another baby for a few days to help her get over her fear of strangers and other babies. By the end of their trip Madeline was actually smiling and semi-playing with Rowan, instead of just bawling and fussing anytime Rowan rolled into her or grabbed for her. I was also able to take a few pictures of Rowan and Madeline, and I hope to post some of those soon.

Well, that is all that I have been doing in my personal life. As far as business is concerned, I just got an order for 150 cosmetic bags, 40 sunglasses cases, and 40 frame clutches for a local ladies bingo charity event that will be taking place in October the weekend after ACL. So, my little hands will be busy the next few months sewing all the bags for the order while attempting to make enough product for the 10' by 15' ACL booth. Thank goodness I have the most wonderful helper in the world!

Now, since now blog post is complete without a picture or video, let me leave you with a clip of Madeline dancing and singing to Brandon playing the guitar while standing up in her pack and play. By the way, Madeline has just begun to pull her self up to standing and loves to do it all the time! It also looks like she will be skipping the whole crawling thing and just go straight for walking. But that is a post for another day. Enjoy the video!